Happy Graduation :)


Gunungkidul, November 30th, 2015

09.00 pm

Today is the last day in this year I meet all my friends in Yogyakarta State University. Actually it wasn’t planed before, just by messages in the whats App we were talking about one of my friend who is celebrating his graduation on Saturday, 28­­­th November 2015.

Since two years ago we had planned that we would make a surprise and give a gift on his graduation. But during a year we’re so rare to meet that we’re intentional forgetting this planned. And someday ago my friend, Ghina, remember me about it. But actually we’re confused about what we would give to him. It was a good idea searching in the internet what is the best gift that is anti-mainstream but is a handmade. Then we found a beautiful graduation greeting on the ‘scrapframe’. So we planned to make it on Sunday and waited photo from him.

That is a ‘scrapframe’ that we had made last night until for about 01.30 am


And don’t be forget to take a ‘selfie’ photo :p

Copy of page

Oh ya I was forget to tell you who would be given a gift. He is kak Rizki who introduce Ghina and me what about a research is. We, Ghina and me, never know what a research is before. Since two years ago we were starting to study to write and make a little research by his guide in a research team made by UKM Penelitian. It made me more enjoy to write another topic beside on research. And I’m too thanks full with his. Happy graduation kak, I’m wishing God blessing you and your knowledge making a benefit for other people. Be a good teacher 🙂


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