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My Targets in 2016

Gunungkidul, December 26th, 2015

10.44 pm

This year will be end for some days later. May it is a very excited day for me. I will meet with what is called as a freedom. Yeah deeply I very miss it. Feeling like a baby that have already been born in the world, lol.

I will be beginning the New Year, 2016, with something new and actually my big spirit to reach my dreams. Not only that, returning to try and struggle in organization, community, volunteer and also going abroad are my first wish that must be struggling. I will make 2016 more colourful as possible as 2014 which I got much experience in all my live. Sure 2014 is the best year which I ever have.

Actually I have arranged and prepared my own targets in next year. Many of them are something new which I didn’t do yet before. So I must be more struggling and more praying to God. There are my big targets in 2016, bismillah :

  1. Praying in the precise time
  2. Wearing a syari hijab
  3. Reading a Holy Quran everyday
  4. Having a passport
  5. PKL (Praktik Kerja Lapangan) in Lombok or Bali
  6. Getting a letter of acceptance and attending either such as discussion, forum, or abroad conference
  7. Minimal TOEFL score is 500 and having a real friend on which is English native speaker
  8. Increasing and updating my knowledge in all about meteorology instrumentation
  9. My article about meteorology instrumentation published on the newspaper
  10. Be a volunteer as possible as in scholarship and environment community

So what must I do to reach it all ???

  1. I must keep istiqomah and have a lot of praying
  2. I must study more diligent and discipline in TOEFL
  3. I must be more brave in public speaking and leadership
  4. I must focus in what I have arranged
  5. I must be active wherever and whenever I do

I do not have anything else posting my targets here except to make remember about my dreams and motivate myself. Last year I made a posting like this and many of it is happen this year. So I guess it is better to make a list here although I still have many dreams that I write in my dream list yet I do not write here.


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