Not only | but also | comparative


This is the key answers from review team


Correct/Incorrect (Skill 25).

1. She wants not only to take a trip to Europe but she also would like to travel to Asia.

🌟 Incorrect.
Kata setelah not only berupa kata to infinitive, maka setelah but also harus pola yang sama, menjadi but also to travel to Asia.


Written Expression (Skill 26)

2. (You) have less (homework) (than) they (did).
a. You
b. Homework
c. Than
d. Didβœ”

🌟 Did ➑ Do
Kata yang parallel disini adalah You have dan They did. Karena have adalah bentuk present jadi did diganti bentuk present juga yaitu Do.


Multiple choice (Skill 27)

3. The speed of light is …….. the speed of sound.
a. Faster
b. Much faster thanβœ”
c. The fastest
d. As fast

🌟 B. Much faster than
Kalimat ini membandingkan antara the speed of light dan speed of sound, maka dibutuhkan bentuk comparative yang ditandai adanya than. Kata fast memiliki satu suku kata, jadi bentuk comparativenya ditambah -er.



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