After a long time


Lombok International Airport, August 17th, 2016

16. 24 WITA

Who weren’t surprised when they get an email from a special one on their live after a long longggg time don’t keep in touch.

Well, actually it isn’t me :p

In the special day of Indonesian Independence Day I receive an email from my special turkish friend. I don’t check my email account every time, this morning I just find a notification on my phone that one email is received by me. Actually I will ignore it because I guess that it was a spam email, yet my soul is moving on my fingers to check this email. And taraaa firstly I read his name as a sender.

Oh my God after a long time we neither keep in touch in an email nor in a whats app he send me an email again. How I’m not enjoy very much to get it. I still remember when we take the last comunication in February which each of us have an busy work. After all I guess it will be the last comunication between us. Disappointed?? alright, I think that he will be my friend all time. Then I delete all his email and our converstation wherever I find. Forgetting all about him is my goal. But now he come back again.

For the first time in August we ask our condition and our family, oh okayy my family and I are fine. Then continued by the interesting topics what a long time we aren’t talking about.

Anyway thanks for keep in touch and still remember me. Hope we will be a real friend forever wherever we are in.

Now let we’re talking about our hoby again, tea, coffe, flower, turkey, history, dream, islam, music, family, and much more šŸ™‚


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