Islamic Cultural Exhibition on MTQN XXVI at Mataram Lombok

There are the pictures that I take in Islamic Cultural Expo on MTQN XXVI event held in Mataram July 30th 2016 till August 6th 2016.

So many things shown there. When we enter the general room at the first room, we will be welcomed by the huge meeting room which in the every side of the wall shown all about many historical islamic objects that are saved in the museum.

You should better look at the historical islamic object too. But I am sorry for just taking a little bit photo of these. Just click on the picture to look at an bigger picture.

This is the more information about the Sasak Wayang :

An information about the Sasak Wayang

Now let we enter on the Nusantara Expo, there are shown many souvernirs of every province in Indonesia. But I’m sorry for just taking the pictures of Lombok Souvernirs. These are on the bottom gallery :


Next let we see the outside of the room. Hmm I just interest on the flower which are sold in the close of exit gate.

That’s all. Thanks for reading my post πŸ™‚



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