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My Targets in 2017

Mataram, January 12th, 2017

10.34 am

Assalamu’alaukum wr wb

Hello everyone, happy New Year!!! It’s not too late celebrating New Year, isn’t?

But posting my 2017 target on this new moon is too late actually. I’ve planned posting this at the end of the previous year yet I’m busy enough by my job, lol.

Okay next to the point. Deeply my target in this year isn’t too high as the 2016 for making a plan with the little probability to be caught. It’s just a simple plan on this year. Definitely from my deepest heart I just as possible as want to be better Muslimah, it’s the general point. Then I will improve my praying and more being thankful for Allah. Only it all will make me more happy and relaxed definitely.

This some targets (AND some my previous year targets which haven’t already been reached yet) I have arrange to have to do in this year. Just ready for the next challenge and get what I want, insyaAllah. Bismillah.

  1. Praying in the precise time
  2. Reading a Holy Quran everyday
  3. Waking up early morning so that I’m not late going office, college or another place
  4. Going abroad
  5. Doing summer or winter school
  6. Getting a letter of acceptance and attending a discussion forum in Indonesia or abroad
  7. Getting minimum 500 TOEFL score and having a real friend on English native speaker
  8. Increasing and updating my knowledge in all about meteorology instrumentation
  9. Making a research
  10. Being a volunteer as possible as in climate, environment, education, health, or other social community
  11. Being the winner in my class or my major

So what should I do to catch my target??? I guess it mustn’t be mention here.

I do not have anything else posting my targets here except to make remember about my dreams and motivate myself. Last year I made a posting like this and many of it is happen this year. So I guess it is better to make a list here although I still have many dreams that I write in my dream list yet I do not write here.



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