Being Student of STMKG College

Every people need to improve and increase their own skill and knowledge. One of the ways to get this is being student of school or college so they can learn and study about what they need such as science or soft skill. The college is the greatest school where every people can increase their knowledge in a specific course which they choose. One of the best Indonesian colleges which is STMKG (Sekolah Tinggi Meteorologi Klimatologi dan Geofisika) have different course than other college such as meteorology, climatology, geophysics, and instrumentation. The following paragraphs describe our decision why we choose STMKG and why we disagree with STMKG.

The reasons why we choose STMKG actually are about because STMKG prove the better career for us that we will immediately be civil officer. In STMKG, we also do an internship in BMKG office so we can practice our knowledge which has been learned in STMKG. Here we can also get a specific and a special course what didn’t gotten by students of other college. Getting a scholarship and a free termly cost are also the reasons why we choose STMKG.

In other side, STMKG adobe semi-military system which gives us a lot of daily physical activities which make us often tired. Then, the location of STMKG is so far away from our hometown so we have to need much money to back home when holiday and we have to live by our self without parent here.

Being student of STMKG College totally is a pride for us although there are so many challenges having to do. But you can choose wherever you will study better based on your passion.



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