To The Light of Allah

Yesterday, 21 April 2022, was the most excited day after I came back to Lombok. Since I was being fan of Ustadzah Oki Setiana Dewi, I have never met her already yet although 4 year we were living in the same area in Bintaro. In every her lectures that I want to join, it was any schedule I have which cannot be leaved.

Yet Allah the best planner, He meet me with Ustadzah Oki in the best place, Lombok, where we all know it as “The Island of a Thousand Mosques”. Joining her “Safari Dakwah” in Raudhatul Jannah Mosque was the most emotional lectures I get in this island. For the first time met my role model, I was crying out load truly feeling excessive yet I cannot hide my joy and emotion on my heart. And when the lectures was begun I still to keep not to cry although it was really hard. Below the lectures documentation from the organizer.

At the and of the event, there were any part, I cannot fully tell to you, which give me a chance to be closer with Ustadzah on the stage. I was shaking hand on her and embracing her like we were an old friend, while whispering ask to pray for me, hopefully I can as soon as come to Mecca and Allah give me the sufficient fortune for paying the lack of this travel. In the dua session extremely I cannot stop my crying which my biggest desire well prayed by her. MasyaAllah tabarakallah.

By this event I also get a book written by students of Maskanul Huffadz with the tittle “Menuju Cahaya Allah” which sign by Ustadzah Oki. Alhamdulillah.


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